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The term ‘Productive Working’ is a term well-defined only if it covers aspects beyond ‘business-related’ productivity as well. At Renaissance Jewellery, the definition is far more holistic, encompassing and beyond legal compulsions. It well covers the environment - an aspect very close to the management; and this closeness being very contagious, has spread through the entire operations of the organisation.

The activities were initiated with diminutive measures as water conservation and environmental monitoring and today encompass waste recovery and recycling, process modifications and optimisation to improve environment and safety, enhancing energy efficiency of operations and reducing our carbon footprint. Safety, health and environmental protection for employees, society and the environment continue to be a corporate priority.

A partial list of these ‘green initiatives’ is listed as below:
 Tree Plantation drive: Because of the benefits that our planet and ourselves get from trees, such as trees being oxygen filters, providing shelter and food for humans as well as other animals and their influence on the climate, it is essential that we make sure , we make up for all the trees we loose or use. By planting trees, we can ensure the successful restoration of a deforested area, hence creating ecologically sustainable resource use.

We have commenced a Tree Plantation drive by planting and maintaining 1000 plants on the vast grounds of Bhavnagar University (located in the Indian state of Gujarat) and have further targeted to plant 10,000 plants in the near future.

Rain Water Harvesting: At Renaissance, rain water is collected from terraces and stored in overhead tanks for use.


Water Re-cycling: The water collected is re-cycled and well used for flushing purposes.


Energy Efficient Casting: The manufacturing process is under constant scrutiny. By using the rotary burnout furnace, the manufacturing division has been able to save significantly on power consumption.


Gold Recovery Plant: The Gold Recovery plant with the latest technique has been installed at the refinery, which results in a healthy and clean working atmosphere. It has also resulted in reduced power consumption for suction fumes.


CFL Lighting: The entire premises, use only CFL lighting, a small effort for a bigger cause - to reduce the carbon footprint.


Treatment of Effluents: Effluents generated due to manufacturing steps are treated properly through effective processes before being discharged into the waste stream.

Process Reviews: This is an on-going activity to:
  • Reduce the energy consumption
  • Increase process efficiency
  • Minimise waste generated
  • Conserve non-renewable and renewable natural resources

Executive Summary: Download here
Way Forward

To continue to strive for further excellence, the strategic goals for Renaissance include:
  • Reduce our carbon footprint 25% below the 2005 levels by 2015
  • Improve energy efficiency by 30%
  • Reduce the office waste by 10% every year for next 5 years
  • Reduce water consumption by 20% by next 3 years
  • Become zero wastewater facility by 2015
  • Comply with all safety and environmental regulations of India

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