Renaissance Jewellery Ltd.


A new beginning, resurgence, revitalisation or simply….Renaissance!

The name brings with it an ideology of a ‘new beginning’ that is accompanied by clarity in thought and focus in approach. These are clearly responsible for the leadership status the company has earned in an exceptionally short period of time.

The design, manufacturing and sales of various grades of studded jewellery is well-directed by an inventive management team and well-executed by an able and experienced team of managers, supervisors and operators – a clear competitive edge, especially in this industry.

Renaissance Global Ltd. conducts this business along with its subsidiaries Renaissance Jewelry NY Inc. and Verigold Jewellery UK Ltd. It is also involved in furniture retailing. The manufacturing is spread over six state-of-the-art manufacturing sites – five in Mumbai and one in Bhavnagar, totally covering an area of over 160,000 sq. ft. that comply to international quality standards. The fully integrated operations continue to be technology friendly, assisting in consistent product quality. Best-in-class design and development coupled with unprecedented scale of operations allow the company to swiftly adapt to changing requirements and remain competitive.


It includes design, manufacturing and sales of jewellery in gold, silver, platinum, studded with polished diamonds, semi precious and precious stones over a myriad product portfolio as rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, bangles, money clips, tie pins, cuff links etc. The company's expertise straddles across all categories of studded jewellery namely Diamond Fashion, Diamond Bridal as well as Gemstone Jewellery.

Broadly, operations encompass product development and manufacturing (in the required quality, karatage and packing) based on orders received from customers (retailers and wholesalers). Strong market acumen of the overseas market (especially USA) with a definite pulse on the changing demands and aesthetics make the company one of the top 3 jewellery exporters from India


Innovation for the company is today a way of life.  Whether it is to consolidate markets or to enter new ones, the corporate philosophy of innovation has helped achieve distinctive success.  Investments in technology for research, investments in human talent for skill and investments in market intelligence for knowledge has today created an ability to craft over 750 ingenious designs per month and help build a valuable library of over 100,000 designs for customers to choose from.


Sustainable Responsible Business
To the company, care for environment and fellow-men forms an integral part of operations; thus the company strongly pursues its charter relating to ‘green initiatives’, ‘corporate social initiatives’ and more… 

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