Renaissance Jewellery Ltd.

Niranjan Shah – Executive Chairman

He is the Chairman and Mentor of our company. Aged 72 he continues to guide our companies strategic planning. He started his career as partner of M/s. N. Kumar and is actively involved in a number of philanthropic services including operations of Renaissance.



Sumit Shah – Vice Chairman

Aged 45 he is the founder of Renaissance Global Ltd.. A finance graduate from Bentley College – Boston, he is the Managing Director of our company. His area of focus is long term sustainable growth of the company.



Hitesh Shah – Managing Director

Discipline in operations is a virtue that he has inculcated in the company. At the age of 47, he has 23 years of experience in the gems and jewellery business. He commenced his career with Sudiam B.V.BA, Japan marketing loose diamonds. As President, he was responsible for managing its operations.  He joined Renaissance as Chief Financial Officer in January 2003 and is today responsible for the finance, sourcing and administrative functions. He joined the Board of Directors of the Company in September 2003.



Neville Tata – Executive Director

Quality in manufacturing process, quality in product comes from quality in supervision. Prior to joining Renaissance, Mr. Tata has worked with Inter Gold Private Limited as Production Manager. Aged 45, with 20 years of industry experience, he is the key to the company’s manufacturing activities and responsible for cordial industrial relations, manpower planning, recruitment and development. He joined the company a decade ago, as Vice-President (Operations), was later the Chief Operating Officer and then joined the Board of Directors of the Company as Executive Director from February 2006.



Suhel Kothari - President, RJNY Inc. (Verigold)

He is responsible for managing operations of the US Division and is extensively involved in areas like product development, human resources sales support and business development. Aged 40 years, he is a management graduate from Pepperdine University in California and joined the company in 2003.



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